FL State Bowling Association

Florida State USBC BA

4140 Fowler Street

Fort Myers, FL 33901

(239) 690-9951

2016 FSBA Open Tournament

2016 Final Standings and Prize Lists

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Team House

Strikers Family Sport Center

8500 NW 44th St.

Sunrise, FL 33951

(954) 749-1400

Tournament Honor Scores

High Games (Click Here)

800 Series (Click Here)

Michael Kobia 182 (Triplicate)

John Colonel 204 (Triplicate)

Clint Gould 224 (Triplicate)

Anthony Jones 190 ( 4-in-a-row)

Doubles/Singles House

Sawgrass Lanes

8501 University Dr.

Tamarac, FL 33321

(954) 722-2700

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Pride Awards

Goof Troup Broward County Rock N Roll Palm Beach County
10 Pin Mafia Greater Miami Bowlaholic Pro Shop East Pasco
Ace Aluminum Greater Tampa Auto Glass Etc. Gulf Coast
Coudron Irrigation Orange Belt The Dirt Man First Coast
Busy Bee First Coast Bartow Ford Orange Belt
Petal To The Metal Palm Beach Tampa #4 Greater Tampa
Up Your Alley Greater Tampa The Guns Palm Beach
Black Ops Palm Beach The Misfits Greater Tampa
4 Guys & Icebox Broward County BnG Outdoor Supplies Palm Beach
Fun Bowlers #1 First Coast Fun Bowlers #2 First Coast
Fun Bowlers #3 First Coast Fun Bowlers #4 First Coast
DSI #1 First Coast Angry Birds Gulf Coast
Fox's & Hound Marion County Off The Hook East Volusia-Flagler
Getting It Together Greater Miami Make It Count Greater Miami
Family & Friends Palm Beach BFF's Gulf Coast
We Ain't Right Palm Beach Cat's Pro Shop Greater Tampa
Out With The Old Suncoast Bowling Baptist #2 Greater Gainsville
Sherman Pest Control Sarasota-Manatee Sew Ink Orlando Regional
You Bowl? Greater Tampa Big Bad Bowling Shirts Suncoast
Blame It On The Ball Orlando Regional Heatwave Palm Beach
Viala's Team East Volusia-Flagler Bowltron Gulf Coast
Let The Good Times Roll Broward County Duh Hambones Orange Belt
Fletcher's Tree & Landscaping East Volusia-Flagler Ann 1 Gulf Coast
Endecent Exposure Greater Gainesville C & L Awards Sarasota-Manatee
Strikeforce Four Greater Tampa Strikeforce Three Greater Tampa
Strikeforce Two Greater Tampa Strikeforce One Greater Tampa
Family Fun 1 Florida Space Coast Bam! What! Orange Belt
Fau Owls#2 Palm Beach 5 O'Clock Somewhere Orange Belt
N. W. D. 2 Broward County Brothers Grimm Orlando Regional
The Incredibowls Orlando Regional Dian Team Greater Tampa
Can't Get Right Ancient City Thunder Struck West Volusia
Rolling Thunder West Volusia Fool Proof First Coast
Quiet Storm First Coast Blame It On First Coast
Rudy's Gang #2 Broward County Forgotten Few Florida Space Coast
Can't Believe It's Not Gutter Palm Beach

Pacific Rim

Orlando Regional
Skip's Pro Shop Southwet Florida Put Together Treasure Coast
Bi-Polar Bowlers Treasure Coast Loving Care II Treasure Coast
Loving Care I Treasure Coast Blunt Force Trauma Treasure Coast
We Do It Right Treasure Coast King Pins Sarasota - Manatee
Charles 2 Greater Gainesville Dudes N Dudettes Orlando Regional
Lenny's Team Suncoast SLPB 1 Marconi FL Space Coast
SLPB Asquith 1 FL Space Coast SLPB 3 Bazinga FL Space Coast
SLPB 4 Mateo FL Space Coast SLPB 5 Roberts 1 FL Space Coast
SLPB 6 Greer FL Space Coast SLPB 7 Arnold FL Space Coast
SLPB 8 Silk FL Space Coast SLPB 9 Frei 1 FL Space Coast
SLPB 10 Bowdler FL Space Coast SLPB 11 Frei 2 FL Space Coast
SLPB 12 Rhodes FL Space Coast SLPB 13 Manton Fl Space Coast
SLPB 14 Moorehead FL Space Coast SLPB 15 Asquith 2 FL Space Coast
SLPB 16 Vargas FL Space Coast SLPB 17 Roberts 2 FL Space Coast
SLPB 18 Studz FL Space Coast SLPB 19 Guljord FL Space Coast
SLPB 20 McKasty FL Space Coast Heidi 2 Southwest Florida
Key West Dog Pound Key West YEP Broward County
Mercedes Benz Greater Gainesville

Those who organized 10 or more teams received a special logo "Group Organizer" bowling shirt:

Blake Edgeworth - First Coast

Rudy Levarity - Broward County

Dorothy Latimer Treasure Coast

Michael Frei - FL Space Coast